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Talking Luft! with Colin Strickland. S3. E8

Rapha presents Talking Luft! If you loved last week’s episode with the king of gravel, Colin Strickland, you’re gonna love this week’s Talking Luft! Colin is an American fixed-gear bike racer turned gravel racer, and as you would have heard last week, an all round awesome guy. In his spare time he fixes up Diesel […]


Talking Luft! 3.0 with Luke Durbridge

Rapha presents Talking Luft! Durbo has been on Talking Luft before – both versions 1.0 and 2.0, so this week it’s Talking Luft 3.0 – and I had something a little different lined up for him. A quiz. It’s Cobbled Classics time, he’s up in Holland getting ready for Paris-Roubaix & I thought I’d test […]


Talking Luft! with Brendan ‘Trekky’ Johnston. S3.E5

Rapha presents Talking Luft! Talking Luft is back for another week & following on from my first on-race episode at the MTB epic Otway Odyssey, I’ve got a MTB-themed Talking Luft, with local Aussie legend Brendan Johnston, also known as Trekky (who won the Otway Odyssey!). Brendan is a huge name on the Aussie Mountain […]


Talking Luft! with Peta Mullens. S3.E3.

Rapha presents Talking Luft! Photo: Mason Hender Talking Luft is back for another week of cycling culture chat, where I learn a little bit extra about my guest from last week and all the great things around riding a bike. Last week on the podcast I had Peta Mullens, Australian champion in multiple bike disciplines, […]

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Talking Luft! with Mitch Docker (guest hosted by Luke Durbridge). S2.E18

It’s the final episode of Talking Luft for the year. And officially my final episode of Talking Luft as a professional cyclist. After so many of you asked how I wear my cycling cap, I thought I would get my good mate Luke Durbridge to flip the mic on me and ask all the usual […]

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Talking Luft! with Niamh & Finn Fisher-Black. S2.E14

Niamh and Finn Fisher-Black are siblings from New Zealand, both currently racing in the World Tour. I had this brother-sister combo on the pod last week over at The Cycling Podcast chatting about making the jump across from NZ to Europe to live the pro life. Which, as I remembered, isn’t all that smooth sailing. […]

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Talking Luft! with Fumiyuki Beppu. S2/E14

Talking Luft is back for another week, this time I’m chatting to Japanese Pro Cyclist and teammate of mine at EF Education-Nippo Fumiyuki Beppu – or Fumy as he’s known. Fumy is in his 17th (!!) year as a professional, having ridden for 6 different Pro Teams, starting with the iconic Discovery Channel team back […]

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Talking Luft! with Ashleigh Moolman Pasio. S2.E13.

Today I’m Talking Luft with Ashleigh Moolman Pasio, a South African Pro riding for Team SD Worx. I had Ashleigh on the podcast last week over at The Cycling Podcast chatting all things Olympics, her path to the World Tour and her Girona project – Rocacorba Cycling – named after her favourite climb, of which […]

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Talking Luft! With Tsgabu Grmay. S2. E10

This week I’m Talking Luft with Ethiopian, and legend of a guy, Tsgabu Grmay, who rides for Team BikeExchange. In case you missed it, I heard his story last week on The Cycling Podcast. He’s a super inspirational guy, and as you’ll hear, it’s hard not to love him. His positive attitude and fun loving personality is infectious and I […]

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Talking Luft 2.0! with Luke Durbridge. S2.E6

He’s a man that needs little introduction over here at Life in the Peloton. My mate, and Aussie pro for Team BikeExchange, Luke ‘Durbo’ Durbridge. This week I’ve got a whole NEW series of Talking Luft questions and I thought Luke would be the perfect guy to try them out on. I can tell you […]

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Talking Luft! with Jack Thompson. S2.E2

Now this is an on-the-bike ‘war story’ you don’t want to miss! I’m Talking Luft with Jack Thompson, an Australian Ultra Cyclist, who takes on the world’s most epic challenges on the bike. As usual, we talk caps, bikes, kits, training loops, cheat meals and of course coffee stops. Plus a hilarious and epic ‘war […]

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Official LITP Caps: They came, they went. They’ll be back.

Restock coming next month! The first batch of Life in the Peloton Casquettes have landed & we’re pretty stoked with how they’ve turned out! Plenty of LUFT. Popping in Life in the Peloton Pink and Blue. Handmade in Italy. The first release was limited & sold out in under 5 mins! The second release is […]

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Talking Luft with Alberto Bettiol. Ep 11.

Talking Luft is back after my first week back racing in Italy. It seemed only fitting to have my Italian teammate, and true Tuscan, Alberto Bettiol on the pod. If you haven’t checked out my On-road diary from that week over on The Cycling Podcast, you’ve gotta have a listen! I chat with almost everyone […]

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Talking Luft! with Jens Keukeleire. Ep 8.

It’s another episode of my mini series of laid-back chats, Talking Luft, with Jens Keukeleire. I find out how Jensie wears his casquette, and that he’d go a Pantani Bandana if he could. Plus his Belgian training routes, weird breakfasts and Quarantine revelations. If you haven’t already, head over to The Cycling Podcast to listen […]

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Talking Luft! with Matt (Whitey) White. Ep 6.

It’s episode 6 of my mini series, Talking Luft, where I chat with my guests about cycling style, culture, training and things outside of racing. Today, following on from my special Giro d’Italia episode over on The Cycling Podcast last week, I’m chatting with Matt White or Whitey – ex pro and current Sports Director […]

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Talking Luft! with Luke Durbridge. Ep 1

Welcome to a cheeky new series of Life in the Peloton, called Talking Luft. A bit of fun and a bit laidback, we’re talking style, we’re talking cycling culture, we’re talking the individual, and a bit of Life outside the Peloton, if you will. He was my first ever guest on the podcast and he’s […]

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