Life in the Peloton started as a way to share my life, living as a professional bike rider overseas, with my family and friends. It soon became a show for anyone who is interested in learning about the sport of cycling and how professional athletes live.

As a keen conversationalist, I was always interested in talking with guys in the peloton about their story. From how they got into cycling, to how they managed racing and family life to what they do on their rest days. I found a lot of cycling fans were interested in this too.

Back in 2016, I decided to start recording these conversations so they could be shared and enjoyed as much as I enjoy them.

I’ve tried to keep cycling as the commonality between all guests on the podcast, and as seasons go on, I’ve found there is much overlap between the topics of sport and life in general. I think this is what makes each guest’s story all the more interesting, speaking about cycling and letting conversations drift to whatever topic it may lead to.

I hope everyone enjoys the stories told and gains an insight into our world of cycling.

If there is something you would like explored or asked or even have a question to ask from a previous podcast, shoot me through a message, I’d love to hear from you.

Life in the Peloton’s Theme Music

The theme music for Life in the Peloton was composed by Pete Shelley, who was lead singer of the punk band Buzzcocks. It was commissioned by the production company behind Channel 4’s coverage of the Tour de France in the 1980s and was used as the theme music for the nightly highlights show.

I grew up watching those highlights and the music became part of my childhood. When I set out to create Life in the Peloton I knew that theme song was what would set the scene and capture the essence of Life in the Peloton.

Pete died in December 2018. We were given permission by Pete’s widow and his manager to continue using the music for the theme tune to Life in the Peloton. To hear more about the music, listen to the Andre Greipel episode of Life in the Peloton.

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