Life in the Peloton

with Mitch Docker

   Life in the Peloton


The Life in the Peloton Podcast started as a way to share my life as a professional bike rider overseas with my family and friends. It soon became a show for anyone who is interested in learning about the sport and how professional athletes live.

As a keen conversationalist, I was always interested in talking with guys in the bunch about the ‘human side’ of bike racing – from how they got into cycling, to how they manage racing and family life. I found a lot of fans were interested in this too. Back in 2016, I decided it was time to start recording these conversations so they could be shared and enjoyed as much as I enjoyed them.

I’ve tried to keep cycling as the commonality between all guests on the podcast but, as is with life, there is much overlap between fields and topics and I think this is what makes each guest’s story all the more interesting.

I hope everyone listening enjoys the stories told and gains an insight into our world of cycling.

If there is something you would like explored or asked, or even have a question to ask from a previous podcast, please shoot me through a message, I´d love to hear from you.

Cheers, Mitch

email: lifeinthepeloton@gmail.com

Twitter: @lifeinthepelo

Instagram: lifeinthepeloton

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  1. MD, love the poddie. Listened to all of them today bringing the family to and from the ski hill here in the States. Big OGE fan. Please make more, you’ve got a good tempo. Good luck this season. Tell Whitey to let you ride! Justin

  2. Any chance you can video the podcasts in the future and put them up on Youtube? I find podcasts good to watch because you see people’s facial expressions, which makes you feel a bit more like you’re part of the conversation.

    Thanks very much.

  3. Hi Mitch,
    We want more episodes! On TV I can see the battles between the race winners which is interesting but I find it fascinating when you give us the insite of what happens in the pack. You started something good, you have to continue. I would mention some of my favourite episodes, but they have all been great.
    I really apreciate what you have already done, but now that you have started, you can’t leave us hanging. You got to put out more. 🙂
    Take it easy!

  4. Recently found the pody and lovin’ it! I’ve found the stories really interesting and learnt heaps from them, thanks. I was wondering if you might be able to do a pody on food in the peloton – what you guys eat on race days and on training days. Also, a pody on languages in the peloton would be cool too.

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