The idea of this podcast is to give anyone who is interested an idea of what happens behind the scenes in Professional Cycling. I didn’t want to get too specific, but having ‘cycling’ as the main commonality between all the guests who appear on the show. And we can simply explore their different topics from there, relating back into the world of cycling… or not.

If there is something you would like explored or asked, or even have a question to ask from a previous podcast, simply just send me a email, or contact me via any of these formats


email: lifeinthepeloton@gmail.com

Twitter: @lifeinthepelo

Instagram:  lifeinthepeloton

Facebook:  Lifeinthe Peloton


  1. justin moran · January 29, 2017

    MD, love the poddie. Listened to all of them today bringing the family to and from the ski hill here in the States. Big OGE fan. Please make more, you’ve got a good tempo. Good luck this season. Tell Whitey to let you ride! Justin

    Liked by 1 person

    • lifeinthepeloton · January 30, 2017

      That’s brilliant mate! I hope the fam enjoyed listening to my voice for a few hours as much as you did. Fresh one for 2017 is on its way, so keep posted!


  2. Mark Smith · April 8, 2017

    Any chance you can video the podcasts in the future and put them up on Youtube? I find podcasts good to watch because you see people’s facial expressions, which makes you feel a bit more like you’re part of the conversation.

    Thanks very much.


  3. Jimmy Pinsly · December 31, 2017

    Hi Mitch,
    We want more episodes! On TV I can see the battles between the race winners which is interesting but I find it fascinating when you give us the insite of what happens in the pack. You started something good, you have to continue. I would mention some of my favourite episodes, but they have all been great.
    I really apreciate what you have already done, but now that you have started, you can’t leave us hanging. You got to put out more. 🙂
    Take it easy!


  4. Linton · May 17

    Recently found the pody and lovin’ it! I’ve found the stories really interesting and learnt heaps from them, thanks. I was wondering if you might be able to do a pody on food in the peloton – what you guys eat on race days and on training days. Also, a pody on languages in the peloton would be cool too.


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