Talking Luft! with Daryl Impey

Daryl Impey, a house hold name when it comes to a long standing and well respected pro in the world tour. 

Daz is a close friend of mine as we had the pleasure of crossing paths, racing side by side and living around the corner from each other and our families throughout my time in Europe. 

He is closing out a monstrous 16 year career this season! But it hasn’t been without some major set backs and challenges along the way. He has had life threatening crashes, false allegations and teams folding right under his nose. But on the other side we have seen him pull that yellow jersey on at the TDF, become multiple national champion and transform himself from a Domestique to champion leader. 

Back in 2019 I sat down with Daryl to chat about the ups and downs of his career to that point and learn more about what makes him so bloody resilient! This is a must listen if you haven’t heard it before, and if you have I strongly urge you go back and listen again. Daryl shows me that when you are a pro for 16 years it’s never going to be smooth sailing. That’s what makes a successful pro, someone who can fight back and become even stronger.  

But now, this week we have Daryl for Talking Luft! I wanted to pay homage to his brilliant career. We chat all the usual stuff but i have spliced a few extra questions in to wrap up his amazing career and to hear about what the future holds. 




Daryl Impey – The Show Must Go On – 2019
Have a listen to the episode I did with Darly from 2019 here.

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Released: November 1, 2023