My Everesting featuring Andy van Bergen & Lachy Morton

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Would you ride up and down a mountain all day in an attempt to reach the virtual height of Mt Everest? I didn’t think it was for me either, but I decided it was a trend I needed to try for myself! If you haven’t heard of Everesting, come along as I make my attempt to reach the lofty heights of the majestic Mt Everest, with a day riding the slopes of Mt Macedon.

At first glance, it might sound crazy, but I really wanted to understand what the trend is all about, and why so many people have jumped on board with it. Everesting evolved during the pandemic to become a challenge that pros were taking on – it was all about speed, and how fast could you do it, and that really deterred me. To be quite honest, riding up and down a mountain all day just seemed boring and unnecessary, and didn’t appeal to me at all.

But it was a conversation with Andy van Bergen earlier this year that changed all of this and piqued my interest in trying it for myself. Andy told me the story behind the idea – and I really liked it. As we talked, it occurred to me that the whole thing is just another way to challenge yourself. It’s a challenge that anyone can take on, in their own way – you can do it from your own backyard or your lounge room if you like. And as you might know, that sort of personal challenge is something that I love to explore and encourage others to get involved in.

Getting Andy’s perspective helped me to understand what it’s all about, learn a few tricks, and work out if it’s something that I would love or hate. I also chatted with Lachy Morton to get a different perspective – he’s coming from the other end of the spectrum, the elite level, where he’s trying to go for the record. From there, I decided to put together all that knowledge, make my own Everesting attempt, and take the listeners along on the journey, so you can form your own opinion about whether it’s something you want to tackle for yourself.

I hope you enjoy the listen and get inspired to take on some new challenges for yourself!



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Released: September 27, 2023