The Race Communique – Episode 2

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It’s just me and my old mate Luke Durbridge this week, with Tom Southam out on the road at the Vuelta a Burgos, but we’ve got plenty to get through on this edition of The Race Communique.

It’s a bit of a tricky part of the year –  it has been a long season and the hype and glory of the biggest races have subsided following the TDF and the World’s, it’s the summer holiday month of August in Europe which lends itself well to lying around on the beach and relaxing, but there’s still plenty of races on the calendar and you need to keep your head switched on.

We recap the incredible ‘Super World’s’ with all the action from the road, track, and the spectacle of having all disciplines of cycling together in one giant festival. We really dig into the incredible World’s Road Race – epically long at over 270km, a 57-minute stoppage due to protesters, and the 48-plus corner circuit around the streets of downtown Glasgow with the atmosphere and the unbelievably high level of racing – there was a lot to unpack.

And we chat about the lead into the upcoming Vuelta a España, with a look at the course and some predictions about the types of epic battles we can expect when it hits the slopes of the Tourmalet and l’Angliru.

So, sit back and enjoy this insight into the pro peloton and the world’s biggest races on The Race Communique!



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Released: August 23, 2023