Talking Luft! Tour de France History Edition

This week on Talking Luft we’re taking one last look back at the 2023 TDF, where I took my History of the Tour de France quiz to the masses! Or better put to a whole bunch of current pros and DS’s that I managed to pull aside for a chat on the roadside of the Tour, to put them through their paces – including Caleb Ewan, Mat Hayman, Ian Stannard, Jai Hindley, Luke Durbridge, and Neilson Powless, among others.

It required a bit of specialist TDF knowledge, plus a few just for fun, like whose legs would you want in this year’s TDF, would you go full polka dot with the KOM jersey, which is the hardest of the Grand Tours, what does ASO stand for, and can you name the five winners of five or more Tours?

I’ve gotta say, some of the efforts were a bit woeful, and a couple were a little bit controversial, but we had plenty of laughs and I hope you enjoy listening along! If you haven’t listened to the full History of the Tour de France episode of the pod, take a listen now.




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Released: August 9, 2023