Talking Luft! with Adam Blythe

This week on Talking Luft I’m chatting with an old friend and teammate of mine – he is a former UK national champ, he has ridden for some of the world’s biggest teams, and – I’m calling it – he’s the new voice of cycling. I’m talking about Adam Blythe and I can’t wait to put him through the full Talking Luft treatment!

I have always admired his crafty racing style and his ability to read a bike race, and when the conditions got tough, he was someone I would always look for because you could bet, he would be reading the conditions and riding smart. It’s a result of having mastered the art of race craft early on, and his insights have really translated well to the commentary box. He’s unapologetic about his approach, and about his love of picking apart a race and calling out even the biggest names in cycling when they’re guilty of making questionable tactical decisions – and I just love that about him and his race commentary.

He’s also renowned for his retro style and some of these TL questions that I have put to so many riders now are right up his alley, so I can’t wait to get stuck into it. I put a few of the more important Talking Luft themes to him – he’s gravel bike for life, loves plenty of Luft, has strong feelings on all matters of cycling style, and confirms once and for all that, like it or not, the short leg length trend is back in the pro peloton.

I hope you enjoy listening along as much as I enjoyed putting this one together!




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Released: July 12, 2023