Talking Luft! with Jai Hindley

Well I know you loved his last appearance on the pod, my recent chat with Australia’s one and only Giro d’Italia winner, Jai Hindley, where we heard some epic stories about his early cycling career and his meteoric ascent to the top of the pro cycling ranks.

So he’s back today for the Talking Luft! treatment and I just couldn’t wait to put a few curly questions to him. Jai Hindley is a real Aussie gem in the European peloton. He has been riding and racing his bike since he was six years of age, all he has ever wanted to be is a pro cyclist and just loves everything about the sport. His love of the cycling eras of old made me really want to test out his knowledge and see if I could really put him to the limit.

We talked Giro ups and downs, and what it feels like to gain the confidence to know you can finish out a Grand Tour, and just get better and better. We talk casquette style, where I was a little surprised to find out it’s not really his thing. We went back in time to discuss the pre-helmet days of cycling in the early 90s, and some of the best kits and team rosters of all time. We chat race food, drinks of choice, what makes a good roommate on tour, and whether he is more of a bus or a team car kind of guy. He passes my name the bike test with flying colours, with some pretty impressive knowledge of cycling throughout all the eras. And of course, I just had to ask him the all-important question, if (and in Jai’s case, when) you do become world champion during your career, how are you going to wear that rainbow kit.

I loved chatting with Jai and finding out some of the lesser-known things about him for this episode of Talking Luft! and I hope you have a laugh and enjoy listening along. If you missed the Life in the Peloton episode, Jai Hindley – For the love of cycling, head back and take a listen!




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Released: May 17, 2023