Talking Luft! with Luke Durbridge

Talking Luft! with Luke Durbridge

Rapha presents Talking Luft!

Well, he is back for the first time in 2023, because it just would not be a season of Talking Luft without checking in with my mate, the big fella, Luke Durbridge, back for version 4.0 on Talking Luft!

It is that time of year again, as we head up north and gear up for the start of the cobbled classics, and who better to check in with than Durbo, to get his unique perspective on the races that he loves and knows so well.

We have some curly questions lined up for him this time, some really tricky ones, as it turns out.

Like – would he prefer to win his beloved Bledisloe Cup, or take a solo victory, with plenty of time to enjoy the glory, on the final ascents of the fabled Tour of Flanders? Hint, this one is trickier than you think for this rugby-loving cyclist.

Can he recall the exact Spanish wines that he has critiqued so eloquently online?

And, most importantly, just what is up in Classics cycling fashion this year?

This one is full of laughs, maybe a couple of tears, a few unexpected responses, and all of the great things we have come to expect from a chat on the pod with Durbo.

Sit back and enjoy this glimpse into the world of the cobbled classics, I hope you enjoy the listen!




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Released: March 22, 2023