LITP is back for 2023 – Follow us on the Rat to Radelaide!

Rapha presents Life in the Peloton!

We’re back bigger than ever for 2023 with the continued support of our partner Rapha. With plenty of shared passions, big ideas, and a love of all things cycling, this is a partnership that just makes sense, and we can’t wait to bring you plenty of LITP goodness as we work together to bring our ideas to life in 2023.

Hit the road for the Rat to Radelaide

9 – 13 January 2023

Get ready to hit the road with LITP for an epic adventure – the Rat to Radelaide! I never know what to do with myself during the gap between the Nationals and TDU, but now I’ve found a way to fill it – a journey across. The journey begins with a group of six, riding from the Australian National Champs in Ballarat (the Rat) to TDU in Adelaide (Radelaide). We’ll take a less orthodox route which allows us to see some parts of Australia that we’ve never seen before. This will be typical Aussie outback stuff – heat, red dirt, classic pubs. You name it.

Along for the ride will be:

Ella Bloor. Lots of fun, and always up for an adventure, Ella has raced the NRS and the US crit circuit and has spent the past few years riding for the Specialized and InForm women’s racing teams. More recently, Ella has drifted into XC and has been invited to compete in this year’s lifetime series.

Peta Mullens. If you don’t already know Peta – well, it’s time you got to know her! Peta has done virtually everything there is to do on a bike, and in recent years she has not only raced with but also managed the women’s Roxsolt team.

Tommy Chapman. Best described as South Africa’s finest multi-discipline cyclist, Tommy loves his CX, and a few beers at the end of the day. He’ll be hitching a ride home with us to Adelaide after he races at the Nationals.

Lachlan Morton. It has been a while between trips to Aus for Lach, and the journey across will help him get back in touch with some proper Aussie culture. Always fun to have along on an adventure like this, we’ll be catching up on lost time.

Rupert Guinness. Journo, ultra-enduro legend, and all-around good guy, Rupert is using our trip for some extra km’s as he trains up for RAAM. Doing some journo work this year at the TDF showed me how big Rupert’s reputation really is and it will be great to have his insight on the trip.

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