On Race at Reef to Reef MTB Epic with Holly Harris

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It’s no secret I’m a newbie on the MTB scene. Having raced on the road for 14 years I’m still finding my footing out on the trails. But I’m a firm believer that you learn by doing, and this year I have loved the challenge of getting out and competing in local events.

Over the weekend I took part in the Reef to Reef – a 4 day mountain bike stage race on the Tropical North East coast of Australia. It’s one of the 3 ‘epic series’ in Australia and I thought it would be a great challenge to tackle. But also a bit of fun to enter as part of a team.

I knew I needed someone with a little more experience than me, so I signed up for the mixed pairs event with 6 x Australian MTB & Gravel Champion Holly Harris.

I’d never raced with Holly before, or a four day MTB event for that matter, but that was all part of the fun and challenge – and I thought, whether we pull it off or not, it would be great to take you guys with us.

I wanted to capture the fantastic atmosphere of the 4 day event, give you guys a little bit of insight into the race and especially mixed pairs racing. But also to learn a little more about Holly, her career – getting so close to Commonwealth Games selection and how she tackles these events. I can tell you she taught me a thing or two!

I hope you enjoy the insight, as you’ll hear it was a lot of fun with a bit of hard work in between.

Stay tuned next week for a special MTB edition of Talking Luft with Holly Harris!




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Released: August 24, 2022