Shop now! Copenhagen to Paris: The Road Less Travelled Tee

Our latest limited edition collaboration

Life in the Peloton x Çois Cycling Legacy

is here!

The big lap of France has begun,

with an unforgettable start in Denmark.

And as the race charges full speed ahead, 

we wanted to celebrate being on the other side of the fence.

To enjoy the sights & tastes off the ridden track.

The Road Less Travelled Tee :  an ode to the adventure of following a bike race.

Shop now!

Stop for a sip of the local brew, 

enjoy the sights of a medieval city & fill up on the tastes of each region.

It’s all about enjoying the good things in life, that’s why we’ve included

a list of places we’ll be stopping along the way:


Cheese factories,

Wine regions,

Beautiful towns & more!

There may be a bike race happening, but why not enjoy 

The Road Less Travelled?

Shop the collab now exclusively at Ç

Shipping worldwide from Belgium.

Thanks to

Rachel Peck: Tee Design

Zac Williams: Photos