Introducing: the Talking Luft Casquette

Our Talking Luft podcast series is all about style.

It’s an ode to the era of bike racing when looking good on the bike was just as important as racing your best.

Mullets were long. Caps were worn high & cycling kits were loud and unapologetic.

Talking Luft needed a cap of it’s own.

And it’s here.

**Now sold out **

Thanks to everyone who shopped the first drop!

Stay tuned for the next release.

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Going live Thursday 16th June.

12pm CEST Europe

11am BST London, UK

8pm AEST Melbourne, AUS

6am EDT New York, USA

Shop exclusively via our online store.

Shipping worldwide from Spain.

Cap design by Vitor Manduchi.

Photos by Spurlo Style Photography.