Alec Briggs – Tekkerz CC, Red Hook Crits & growing up racing in London

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One of the great things about looking at cycling from a new perspective this season has been coming across people who are making their mark outside of World Tour racing, and are doing things their own way. Alec Briggs may not be the most well known name in the cycling world, but the Londoner is a truly great cycling personality and is one of the most passionate guests I’ve had on the pod.

As well as being a hugely talented cyclist himself, Alec is the founder of Tekkerz C.C. (if you don’t know you’ll have to have a listen to find out what that all stands for), and his unique outlook has made him a real name to look out for in the sport in 2022. 

I have been waiting to chat to Alec for quite a while as I love what he does, from the way that he promotes his team, to the philosophy that he’s created it with.  

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If the twenty-twenties are all about the multi-discipline rider then Alec Briggs is a real renaissance man. We first met in London in 2021 where we got chatting at an event and ended up swapping cycling caps… As soon as I started chatting to him I knew he would be a great guy for Life in the Peloton. 

Briggs’ own cycling story is fascinating: he grew up racing track, went on to represent G.B. at the Cyclo Cross worlds, before taking on the fixed gear Red Hook Criterium series, while also racing on the road and MTB at elite level in the UK.

In the past few years Briggs’ London-based team ‘Tekkerz CC’ has have been making waves internationally with riders taking on events as diverse as the Trans-Continental Ultra event, the top British Crit series, and the Red Hook Crits. Recently the team has even helped Olympic and World Champions on the track, and seen Ben Tulett move up to racing for Ineos on the road.   

What I love about Alec’s team – along with the kit, is that Tekkerz aims to have a relatable voice for young cyclists who want to take a different path towards fulfilling their potential on the bike – whatever that may be. 

I saw a lot of parallels with how I wanted to be able to build my career as a youngster without shutting the door on the rest of my life outside of cycling. 

Alec and I had a great talk about his philosophy around cycling and the team, as well the London racing scene which he came up in and the importance of cycling clubs and facilities like Herne Hill Velodrome in London.

Cycling at grassroots level is defined by characters: people who have the energy and passion who are prepared to give up their time to grow the community and the sport itself. I’m sure you’ll agree that Alec is a guy who does exactly this.

I came out of the chat even more motivated to be involved in my own cycling community and I hope that you guys can get something from it too. 

Enjoy guys!




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Show Notes

Episode breakdown:

0:00min to 2:30 – Episode Intro

2:30min to 17:30 – London Racing Scene & Herne Hill Velodrome

17:30min to 29:05 – Alec’s transition to Cross & Red Hook Crits

29:05min to 40:20 – Tekkerz CC

40:20min to 47:55 – Tekkerz kit

47:55min to end – Alec turns the mic on me & outro

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Follow what Alec is up to at his Instagram. See the latest from the Tekkerz CC team on their Instagram & check out the Tekkerz CC website to buy some of their awesome Rapha merch.

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Released: March 23, 2022