Life after the Peloton – Advice on Retiring from Pro Cycling

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It’s the final episode of the year on The Cycling Podcast, and my final episode as a pro as I pack up life in Europe and head into my retirement from cycling.

This final year of professional racing for me has been a transitional phase in many senses. Firstly, because I haven’t raced a whole lot, I was able to start getting used to being back at home with the family and falling into a more ‘normal routine’ outside of athlete life.

Secondly, facing the change to my next phase of life meant trying to understand what life on the flip side of being a professional athlete is like; what to expect, what to relish when approaching my final races & maybe even what to physically keep as some kind of memorabilia as we pack up to move back to Australia.

I started picking out a few ex-professionals that I knew & have looked up to with respect as to how they transitioned after they left the peloton. You’ll hear me speak with ex-pros David Millar, Svein Tuft, Tejay Van Garderen, Gracie Elvin, Brett Lancaster, Dominique Rollin, Robert Wagner and Andreas Klier.

I wanted to chat with them to pick their brains and hear their thoughts over the course of my final year as a pro, to help me take it all in – hoping they could give me advice, help me learn from their mistakes and shed some light on what’s to be expected from the transition from Professional Cyclist to the ‘real world’.

It was great hearing all their perspectives, as you’ll hear, I know it will be quite the lifestyle change but it’s something I’m ready to tackle head on.

I’m looking forward to a few Aussie beers at home with the family.

For now I hope you enjoy this last episode of the season and a big thanks for all the support over the this final year. I’ll see you here next year from the other side of the fence.

Stay tuned next week, our final Talking Luft for the year, with Luke Durbridge turning the mic on me.




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Released: October 21, 2021