Ashleigh Moolman Pasio – World Tour, Olympics and Rocacorba Cycling

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Ashleigh Moolman Pasio is a South African pro riding for Team SD Works. She’s not only made her mark on the Women’s World Tour but is also a qualified chemical engineer, and since racing in Europe, has founded local Girona cycling destination Rocacorba Cycling with her husband Carl.

I was keen to hear how Ashleigh got into the sport, having come to cycling after trying many different disciplines and completing her Engineering degree in South Africa before turning Pro.

With an impressive collection of results since turning pro in 2009, Ashleigh talks me through her journey in the sport, her successes and Olympic hopes over the years, and announces her plans for the future.

I hear about her epic Rocacorba QOM on Strava and she gives me her take on the Women’s Road Race at this year’s Olympics.

Finally, I hear about her amazing project, Rocacorba Cycling and where she and Carl hope to take it in the next few years. I can tell you their Olive Oil is worth the trip alone!

I really enjoyed this chat and hope you learning a little more about Ashleigh.

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Show Notes

Check out Ashleigh and Carl’s awesome Rocacorba Cycling if you’re in Girona!

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Released: August 11, 2021