Talking Luft! 2.0 with Ben Perry. S2.E8

Ben Perry is a Canadian pro cyclist in his 5th year of racing World Tour, now with Astana Premier-Tech.

He’s a funny guy and as I was riding along with him one day I realised he would be great to have on the pod – especially Talking Luft 2.0.

And he didn’t disappoint. This was a fun chat with lots of laughs. He’s a character, as you’ll hear, and he tells some great stories.

There’s the eternal arm warmers under or over jersey debate, the unwritten rule of reserved seats on the team bus and Canadian politeness and a war story that sort of turns around.

I’m having a little break from the pod over at The Cycling Podcast in May while they cover the Giro, but we’ll be back in two weeks with a regular episode of Talking Luft here on Life in the Peloton.

For now, enjoy listen with Ben.




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Released: May 5, 2021