Dr. Kevin Sprouse – Grand Tour Insights with a Team Doctor

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The first grand tour of the season, the Giro d’Italia, is just around the corner so I wanted to speak to Dr Kevin Sprouse about his role as a team doctor at one of the great stage races.

Kevin is my team doctor at the EF Education-Nippo team and he’s part of the medical team that looks after the riders all season round.

I had him on the podcast last year to get a general insight into his job as a cycling team doctor and what that entails.

Second time around, I specifically wanted to ask him about how the doctors look after riders during a three-week stage race like the Giro. There are crashes, injuries, illness and other ailments that need treating on the road and sometimes on the move with the travelling circus that is the bike race.

I wanted to know how he helps riders stay healthy or remain in the race when they have a problem. From fuelling and making sure the body is ready for the day ahead, to the importance of sleep, to treating the common problems that riders face during a race – we covered a lot of ground.

I learn a lot every time I speak to Kevin, especially because he explains everything in a way that it easy to take on board, so I hope you guys all find it as interesting as I did.

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Released: April 29, 2021