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A little something different this week as I sit down with Jack Thompson – aka Jack Ultra – an Australian cyclist who takes on some of the world’s most epic Ultra challenges on the bike.

In 2017 he rode more than 50 000 kilometres (for comparison, most pros ride about 25 000kms a year) and in 2020 he broke the Guiness World Record for the ‘Greatest distance cycled in one week (unpaced)’ – 3,505km.

But, as I find out, there’s much more to Jack’s story than just the kilometres.

For Jack, bike riding holds a much greater power.

Jack took to the bike in his late teens as he was recovering from drug addiction and depression and has now become an advocate for Depression and Mental Health; using his challenges as a platform to spread his message.

We delve into the value and the healing power of bike riding, which is something I really enjoyed chatting about as I know that is a feeling shared by many who ride – myself included.

It was also great to chat to someone outside the peloton but who shares the same passion for the bike.

I hope you enjoy the listen as always.

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Jack Thompson – Guiness World Record:


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Released: February 4, 2021