Heinrich Haussler – The German Aussie

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The pod is back for 2021!

And for my first episode of the new year I caught up with someone I’ve been wanting to get on the pod for a long time.

It’s the German-Aussie Heinrich Haussler, or Heino as he’s known.

He’s going into his 16th year as a pro, riding for Team Bahrain Victorious this year. And even though I’ve known him a long time, there were so many things I wanted to chat to Heino about.

For a start, is he German or Australian? He won the Aussie champs and has ridden for Australia but he moved to Germany in his early teens and much of his development in cycling was thanks to the German system.

We talk about some of his biggest wins, particularly his stage win in the 2009 Tour de France (video below in show notes) and towards the end of the pod I asked him why, in his mid-30s, he’s started racing cyclo-cross.

It was a great insight into his interesting pathway into the World Tour and the emotion behind those special wins.

This is the first episode of 2021 with The Cycling Podcast and the plan is very much the same as last year: Life in the Peloton will be released fortnightly over on The Cycling Podcast feed and every week in between there’ll be an episode of Talking Luft on the original Life in the Peloton feed.*

If you missed any of last year’s episodes and need to catch up, there’s a link to the 2020 The Cycling Podcast x LITP season playlist below.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy this chat with Heino.




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2020 The Cycling Podcast x LITP Playlist

Show Notes

Heino’s emotional 2009 Tour de France Stage 13 Win:


Winning Stage 19 of La Vuelta EspaƱa in 2005 with Gerolsteiner:

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Released: January 20, 2021