Talking Luft! with Svein Tuft. Ep. 17

He almost needs no introduction. Svein Tuft. Man. Myth. Legend.

He’s a Canadian mountain man, ex pro and teammate, and most of all, a good mate of mine.

You heard from him here on the pod last year; telling epic stories from bike packing days, before he became a pro bike rider and eventually went on to wear the Pink Jersey at the Giro d’Italia.

If you haven’t listened to that episode, Sveino’s Journey, it’s the perfect place to start before you hear him Talking some Luft.

He’s now retired from pro cycling and is back to just enjoying riding his bike in true Sveino fashion – bike packing trips in the mountains, as far and long as he can go.

We recorded this up in Andorra after a 3 day trip in the mountains and it was the perfect send off.

Cheers to the good times!

This is the last Talking Luft for 2020 as I take a break from the bike and podcast for the off season. Join us back here again in February for an all new season of Talking Luft.

And stay tuned to The Cycling Podcast next week for my last Life in the Peloton episode for the year, where Svein turns the mic on me and I tell a little of my story.

But for now, enjoy this episode with Sveino.

Cheers guys,



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Released: November 11, 2020