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Now live on The Cycling Podcast, this week I chat with a different kind of colleague in the peloton.

While I was in Australia for the summer, I got a chance to sit down with Aussie UCI Commissaire Greg Griffiths – an umpire of the peloton, if you will.

He’s a colleague of mine in a different right; he’s the one keeping us playing by the rules and keeping us safe out on the road.

But as you’ll hear, there’s a lot more work done by commissaires behind the scenes, that us as riders, and spectators don’t see.

It was great to sit down and pick Greg’s brains about what it’s like being the enforcer of the rules in a pro bike race and what some of the best and hardest parts of the job are.

I hope you enjoy hearing from a different side of the peloton.




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Released: October 21, 2020