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As professional cyclists, our bodies are our job.

There are many integral parts of a cycling team that work to help us arrive at races with our bodies in optimal shape.

The Team Doctor is the one who oversees our overall wellbeing and performance on a physiological level, as well as attending to injuries that come from racing (and of course, crashing).

Dr. Kevin Sprouse is a Sports and Emergency Medicine-trained doctor who has been with the EF Pro Cycling establishment since 2010. He is now Head of Medical on our team and also has his own Sports Medicine practice back in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I always enjoy chatting with Kevin on a race and thought it would be great to gain a little insight into what the role of Team Doctor entails, beyond what I see and what viewers see on TV.

We jump into the pathway to becoming a Pro team doctor & the work he does on and away from the race. We talk about optimising riders’ performance plus his tips and tricks to help with the most common cycling injuries.

This was a super interesting chat, and we could have gone on for hours!

Be sure to check out Kevin’s Podcast, The Podium, where he chats about different topics relating to performance and wellness.

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Show Notes

For more info on Kevin’s Private practice see: Podium Sports Medicine.

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Released: October 7, 2020