Talking Luft! with Juanma Garate. Ep 14.

I had him on the pod last week, my Sports Director on EF Education First and ex-pro, who raced for 15 years in the No Helmet/LUFT era, Juanma Garate. This week we’re Talking Luft.

It’s our laid back chat, talking caps, racing no helmets until the sprint and Juanma gives me some tips on cooking up his favourite Basque dishes.

If you haven’t had a listen already, head back over to The Cycling Podcast for my hour long chat, and hear the candid insight into what it was like being a pro back in the day and the transition into directing.

As he puts it.. ‘I did 15 years as a rider.. and then I became a Director Sportif and I realised.. I didn’t know anything,’

As you’ll hear he’s a genuine guy, and I really enjoyed recording these episodes.

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Released: September 30, 2020