Tour de France Q&A with Mitch

Photo: Simon Gill

The Cycling Podcast presents Life in the Peloton

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Like everyone, I’ve been enjoying having the Tour de France back on TV every afternoon. There’s nothing like cracking a cold one and watching some epic bike racing for 21 days in a row.

I’ve done my fair share of grand tours and was happy to answer a few of your questions about being on tour, as well as my take on the Tour de France so far.

On the first rest day, I sat down with Lionel Birnie from The Cycling Podcast who turned the mic on me and asked the questions sent in by you guys.

Who’ll be in yellow in Paris, Pog or Rog?

Are there agreements between teams on certain days?

What metrics do guys display on their bike computer during a race?

How hard is it to actually get into the break?

And are matching shorts with leader’s jerseys genius or a crime against fashion?

That and much more!




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Released: September 9, 2020