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It’s been a long time coming and this week on the pod I’ve got the Big Boss, my boss, EF Pro Team Manager Jonathan Vaughters or JV as he’s known.

Becoming a World Tour Team Manager was never in JV’s plans. In fact he planned to get as far away from the sport as he could after he retired from being pro, moving into the Real estate and finance sector.

As fate had it, his support of a small Junior team in the US lead to opportunities that he couldn’t turn down. And with a lot of hard work Team Slipstream (that we now know as EF Education First) was born.

We had a great chat about the beginnings of building Slipstream Sports, what a Team Manager actually does, contract negotiations, team mergers and sponsorship in cycling.

I hope you enjoy the insight into the role of a team manager, a role which is often overlooked when watching bike racing, but that which us as riders wouldn’t be able to live our dream of racing pro without.

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Released: August 26, 2020