Talking Luft with Alberto Bettiol. Ep 11.

Talking Luft is back after my first week back racing in Italy. It seemed only fitting to have my Italian teammate, and true Tuscan, Alberto Bettiol on the pod.

If you haven’t checked out my On-road diary from that week over on The Cycling Podcast, you’ve gotta have a listen! I chat with almost everyone on the team, from riders to staff, to give you the feel as if you’re there on tour with us.

During that week I had a moment to snag a chat with Alberto, and get Talking some Luft!

In true Italian style he has a sweet take on the good things in life: Wine, coffee, LUFT and training.

It was a great bit of insight into Alberto, with a very cool story in there about his win at Flanders last year and one of my heroes Andrea Tafi.


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Until next week…



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Released: August 19, 2020