Cameron Meyer – The Master Tactician

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He’s multiple time World Champion on the Track and has made his mark on the pro racing scene in his 12 years of also racing on the road.

Cameron Meyer is a silent assassin in the Velodrome, a master tactician and someone I’ve always looked up to for the way he can read races and keep a cool head to execute a move at the right moment.

That cool head has seen him to some pretty incredible wins on the track in the Points Score and Madison, as well as successes on the road.

Cam and I both turned pro in the same year and found ourselves racing alongside each other on Orica-Greenedge and Australian National Teams where we became great mates.

It was great to sit down with Cam to find out what he’s really thinking out there when he’s reading a race and how he knows when the right time to make a move is.

We jump into how he came into cycling and he speaks candidly about stepping away from racing mid-season to re-evaluate what life meant to him.

Plus the hilarious story of how his first ever European race as a Neo pro ended up being a Grand Tour!

I really enjoyed this one, as you’ll hear, there were some great laughs and stories I hadn’t heard before. So I hope you do too.

Stay tuned to Life in the Peloton for an episode of Talking Luft next week with Cam!




Show Notes

Watch Cam win the UCI World Championship Point Score – Melbourne 2012. Goosebumps every time!

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Released: May 6, 2020