Talking Luft! with Adam Hansen. Ep 4.

I’ve delved into the depths of some pretty interesting topics like nutrition and motion analysis with Adam, and it’s certain he sure knows his stuff, so it was great to have more of a casual chat and hear about Adam himself both off and on the bike.

How does he wear his cycling cap? What’s his drink of choice? Favourite session on the bike? And what’s his cheat meal?

If you’ve listened to my episodes with Adam you’ll know he always has an interesting answer for any question.

Head back and listen to my episode from last week with Adam on The Cycling Podcast, we get into some really interesting topics from composites to nutrition to motion analysis and stressing less.

And if you still need more Hansen, check out my two episodes with him in the archives from 2018 and 2019.

But for now, enjoy us Talking Luft!



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Released: April 29, 2020