Talking Luft! with Luke Durbridge. Ep 1

Welcome to a cheeky new series of Life in the Peloton, called Talking Luft.

A bit of fun and a bit laidback, we’re talking style, we’re talking cycling culture, we’re talking the individual, and a bit of Life outside the Peloton, if you will.

He was my first ever guest on the podcast and he’s someone that you might have got to know now as a regular on the pod too. So, it seemed only fitting that I sat down with Luke Durbridge as my first guest on this new series.

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Talking Luft will air every alternate week on the Life in the Peloton feed on iTunes, Spotify or your favourite podcast app.

If you haven’t already, head over to The Cycling Podcast and catch up on last week’s episode with Luke Durbridge and I talking Cobbled Classics, our favourite time of year.

For now I hope you enjoy the first episode of Talking Luft!

Cheers, Mitch

Photo: Kramon

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Released: March 18, 2020