The Announcement

The new season is here, and that not only means some big races ahead, but also a whole new calendar of podcasts!

We have had a big off season here at Life in the Peloton in the podcast world, and we are excited to be announcing for the 2020 season we will be collaborating with The Cycling Podcast family. I am very excited to be working with the team there at The Cycling Podcast to help me bring you more great Life In the Peloton episodes.

Have a listen to Lionel Birnie from The Cycling Podcast and I discuss our transfer news and how it is all going to work. Click on the link below to be guided directly to their podcast host.

This will be our last official episode on the Life In The Peloton podcast feed, so make sure you subscribe to The Cycling Podcast to find the Life in the Peloton episodes being released every fortnight, starting with Jimmy Whelan on the 29th of January.

Exciting times ahead!

The Cycling Podcast has put together a little mini series of the Life in the Peloton catalogue that will run this week for everyone to catch up on. Until then..



Subscribe to The Cycling Podcast feed via the link below:

Released: January 15, 2020