Nathan Haas – Closing out the Season

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Nathan Haas – Closing out the Season

It´s our last episode of the season and I jump behind the mic with Nathan Haas, a fellow Aussie in the peloton who was there with me representing Aus at the Yorkshire worlds.

I thought as we’re coming to the end of the racing season it would be great to look back at the epic day that was the wet and wild Worlds Road Race and to chat about some of the interesting rider transfers happening as we head into 2020. It was great chatting with Haasy and also hearing about the races that led him onto the pro scene, which is where I first met him. 

Enjoy, and have a great offy! 

Cheers, Mitch 

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2 thoughts on “Nathan Haas – Closing out the Season

  1. What a guy!!! I discovered this older episode on a long run. Superb episode too. You have to get Haas back for a regular episode at the end of the season. His thoughts, ideas and insights into team movements were epic. So insightful, but in a way that was informed with fact or true understanding of the inside of the peleton. Not in guessing, or just filling in the blank style which I feel is the route of many media platforms.
    Cracking work, keep it up mate.


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