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If you’ve travelled to Girona, and you’re into coffee, you’re sure to have visited La Fabrica or Espresso Mafia – two of the few places you can get a decent brew in town. And if you’ve visited either of those, and you’re into cycling, you’re bound to have checked out The Service Course – ‘The ultimate Pro experience’. All of these executed by Christian Meier and his wife, Amber.

He’s no longer in the pro peloton but still very much involved in the cycling world. Christian Meier is an ex-teammate of mine, having raced together on Orica-Greenedge. He’s a super interesting guy and apart from being an ex-pro, he’s now very well known in Girona for being the first to bring specialty coffee to this cycling Mecca. I’ve always enjoyed chatting with Christian, and it was great hearing his story of how he transitioned out of the sport. But what I found most interesting was how he was able to apply his professional cycling mentality into the everyday business world. I pick his brains on racing, retiring and hear the latest on his growing empire, The Service Course. We had some great laughs over a good brew, be sure to have a listen!

Cheers, Mitch

Show Notes

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Released: September 25, 2019