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La Vuelta Part 3 – Logan Owen – Freshman on Tour

Episode numero tres and the final instalment of my La Vuelta mini series with our grand tour freshman Logan Owen.

It´s a nice feeling to be here at the 2nd rest day, I can tell you. Logan has had an especially tough week this week, with crashes and illness, but has pushed through and is now looking on the up with Madrid just in sight. I chat with him again on the eve of the rest day, on another one of our epic transfers. His body is tired but his spirits are high. And why not because it’s only 5 days to go!

Thanks for the support over the past three weeks. Cya in Madrid!

Cheers, Mitch

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1 thought on “La Vuelta Part 3 – Logan Owen – Freshman on Tour

  1. Hey Mitch loving the podcast, I really enjoy the behind the seen stuff and your questions are great.
    Great to hear a first time Grand Tour riders perspective and pretty funny when he can’t remember stuff…. that was yesterday? Haha
    Keep up the great work.
    Pete Varley. Bright Victoria.

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