Taylor Phinney

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Taylor Phinney

Taylor has a very colourful career up until now. Born from sporting genes, both his parents being Olympic medalists, he was destined to be a sporting star.

But sometimes we need a pause in life, time to reflect on where we are going, who we are, and then who we want to become. Most often than not we don’t take this time unless it is forced upon us. And I believe in many ways some things really happen for a reason. In Taylor’s case in 2014 he had a career and life changing crash. It removed him from the sporting “bubble” and gave him time to reflect. This is the Taylor we know today. Still an athletic talent, but with a much more open perspective

2 thoughts on “Taylor Phinney

  1. Thank you Mitch for allowing us fans to enter your world through your podcast. What a wise soul, Taylor Phinney! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This was a light bulb moment for me. I’ve heard how powerful meditation has been for a lot of high performers, but never in a way that made this much sense. Thank you both for taking the time to make this, really appreciate it.


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