Life in the Peloton

with Mitch Docker

   Life in the Peloton

1 thought on “Mike Woods – Into the Woods

  1. Loved this pod guys – listening to the intro and the story about Woodsy’s win one can hear you guys are riding high and just stoked on life with all its ups and downs. That’s an approach that I think everyone can aspire to no matter what your career or where you live, and how I try (and occasionally succeed) to live every day.

    This podcast is the kind of content that makes me a fan of cycling, and sport in general. Who wins each stage by how many seconds isn’t all that interesting. What makes this sport fascinating is the epic journey that everyone in the peloton goes through each day; the battles, the struggles, the friends, and the foes that create great stories. Backstage pass captured those things well too, but your candid conversations go to another level. More of this kind of content is, in my opinion, the future of this sport.

    I think sports are a microcosm of life in general, which is why we learn so much from participating and watching. So thanks for sharing, and capturing this for us.

    Cheers from Santa Barbara, CA!

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