My Giro, My Team – Epp#1 Woodsy



I am on the road for the 1st Grand Tour of the year the Giro d’Italia, and in our team, EF Education First – Drapac Powered By Cannondale, we have a lot of different dynamics of charters. We will be spending a lot of time together out on the road as well as back in the hotels. Apart from talking about what is going on in the race I thought it would be a great chance to find out about everyone on my team in this Giro. 

First up is Mike Woods. A Canadian who came late into the cycling game after being forced via injury to hang the running shoes up as a worlds class middle distance runner. He has a fresh view on life in the peloton both in the way that he races and in his over mind set. There is a lot to talk to Woodsy about, and today we only just scratch the surface. We talk a little bit about his story and a little bit about the Giro. Enjoy.



  1. Kirk Keeler · May 29

    These podcasts are GREAT! I’m a #saveargyle donor and your tapes are a wonderful way to get an ‘insiders’ look into EF Education Drapac d/b Cannondale.
    Don’t take this the wrong way, but if you’re thinking of being on the TDF squad – and go to France – , I hope you do ‘Life in the Peloton’ during that race…or whatever race you do really.



    • lifeinthepeloton · May 29

      thanks mate for the feedback. It was a lot of fun recording the boys on the Giro. I won’t be at the Tour, but I will try to keep them flowing in


  2. Kate · May 31

    Hi Mitch
    I stumbled on your podcasts from the Giro a few days ago and I think they are amazing! I’ve just binge listened to the entire lot in the last couple of days and it’s been so enjoyable. I’ve laughed and cried along with you and your guests and it was like I was sitting in the pub with old friends. Thanks so much for taking the time to do them.

    I would love to know about the organization that goes into getting the team ready for one of the grand tours. I’ve done a couple of adventure races in South Africa and India and there’s a lot of stuff to get ready. And that’s just one person for a 5 day race. Who organises all the accommodation and does the team bring most of the food with you that you use in the race and for meals? Also I was wondering what happens to the stuff like the bidons and the rain jackets that the riders throw to the side in the race. Do they just get left there?
    Best wishes for the rest of the year .


    • lifeinthepeloton · June 1

      Thanks for the message, I am glad you have finally found the podcast. Definitely want to get into speaking to some of the support staff around the sport to let everyone know how we arrive to the start line


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