1. lynnefairchild · April 7

    This looks great! Can’t wait to hear both of your perspectives on the Classics!

    Thanks so much, Mitch, for your podcasts. You always have such thoughtful and insightful questions. Really have enjoyed all of them. Many blessings, Lynne


  2. Cath Taylor · April 8

    As always, great to have an insight into the riders’ mindset


  3. Tim · April 9

    Really enjoyed this exchange chaps. I think a challenge for the season has been identified; learn to ‘mono’. Maybe corner Sagan after one of the last races of the year and get him to run a class for the backstage pass. . Nice piece of collab too for both teams/sponsors.


  4. Nick E · April 10

    Mate, just a quick shout out. Saw you on Arenberg on Sunday and gave ya a holla. Huge respect due for getting back through that godawful set of cobbles. You got some balls on ya!


  5. Cam · April 11

    Great discussion. 1000 calories an hour for 6 hours is amazing, I only ever achieve that on Christmas Day!


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