Mat Hayman – Part#2 The Day After Roubaix

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Mat Hayman – Part#2 The Day After Roubaix

So this is the big one! I am speaking with 2016 Paris Roubaix winner Matt Hayman. I caught up with him 1 month after that momentous day, on training camp up in the high mountains in Andorra. A very un-roubaix environment but the memory was still very fresh and vibrant. I get quite excited this week as I hear the story the first time myself, so will have to excuse some of the colourful language. I hope you enjoy it, I certainly did!

6 thoughts on “Mat Hayman – Part#2 The Day After Roubaix

  1. Mitch, you absolute legend. Listening to this podcast now, it’s so good to hear from you and Matty. Good luck for the rest of the year mate. Keep up the podcasts. Hope Esteban wins the Giro and you get to interview him after!

    Are you going to the Tour this year? A mate and I might try to catch you guys at the Paris stage. We’re cycling from London to Paris to catch you guys in time. I tweeted to Dan Jones and he said ‘bring food’.

  2. Another great podcast Mitch. Don’t worry about the colourful language you can hear that it means such a lot to pair of you.. Good luck in the future and hope you healing up well and can’t wait to see you back in the peloton.

  3. I’ve just finished a 6-week Seattle to Los Angeles tour and listened to every episode of LITP. So good! I picked up an extra little speed whenever that title music came on.


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