Mat Hayman – Paris Roubaix 2016 – Part#1 – The Night Before

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Mat Hayman – Paris Roubaix 2016 – Part#1 – The Night Before


Paris Roubaix is a cobbled stone classic one day race. Based in France during the Cobbled classics season in April, it is one of the 5 memorial races in the year.

It is a spectacle, it is a tough mans race. In my opinion, it is the best race of the year. And it is my favourite race for both those reasons.

Mat Hayman is an Australian cyclist that has ridden Paris Roubaix 15 times in his career; he is a specialist to say the least. This is his favourite race too.

2016 Roubaix was a special day for Mat. A VERY special day, if I can say that without giving too much away.

I was able to get his thoughts the night before, the night before he knew what the 2016 addition was going to be..

It really was serendipitous that I recorded with Mat the night before and I’m so glad now to have this episode.

You won’t want to miss part two.

Listen to part 2, after the big day..

Mat Hayman – Paris Roubaix 2016 – Part 2




14 thoughts on “Mat Hayman – Paris Roubaix 2016 – Part#1 – The Night Before

  1. So great to hear you. My thoughts and prayers have been with you since the crash. Hope you are soon back on the road

  2. These are excellent Mitch, can’t wait for the next one! Hope the recovery is going well, looking forward to seeing you back out there again soon!

  3. Fantastic! Such a great and genuine insight to the race. Great work Mitch and Mat. Love the old SBS TDF intro soundtrack!

  4. Great interview and insight Mitch. So glad you are recovering after such an awful crash. Any idea when you may be making your return to competition?

  5. So I realise I’m wayyyy behind the times here but I’ve only just started to get into cycling and have discovered your podcasts – I’m learning so much! The Hayman win of this race might just be my new fave sporting moment ever and I’m not even an Aussie. Thanks for the insight here – you’ve got a dedicated new listener đź‘Ť

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