Mature View of Alex Edmondson


Alex Edmondson


While I was back on training camp in South Africa I had the chance to sit down with Alex Edmondson for a what I thought was going to be a chat about the training involved for the Teams Pursuit in the lead up to the Rio Olympics. What I got a was a lot more interesting. Alex’s is story is not the normal progression in which a cyclist tends to have. Although Alex is only 22, when he tells his story you would assume he is a seasoned professional.

You’ll have to excuse the volume in the episode, as its lower than I would have liked.


Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

Alex Edmondson in the 2016 Omloop Het Nieuwsblad





Theo Boss at Moscow Track

London Olympics Team Pursuit

Alex World Individual Pursuit 2014



  1. Terence Davidson · April 10, 2016

    Hi Mitch, love the podcast, but why isn’t it available on iTunes anymore. Congrats to the team on Roubaix.


  2. Terence Davidson · April 11, 2016

    Cancel that, must have been a problem at my end.


  3. Jamus · May 19, 2016

    Mitch, just checking in to say hi….watched this episode some time ago but I keep checking you site and no newbie episodes, I can only hope your recovery is going well my good man, a hell of a tumble but I amongst many wish you all the best and a speedy return to the peleton.


    • lifeinthepeloton · May 19, 2016

      Thanks for the concern Jamus! Recovery has gone well, so much so, that finally The Paris Roubaix double header podcast is coming up tonight! Enjoy


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