Sam Bewley & The Prologue

Paris-Nice - Prologue

Sam Bewley in the Prologue of the 2016 Paris-Nice

Fresh after the race, back in the hotel somewhere in the cold northern part of France in the proximity of Paris. I thought it would be great to capture the thoughts just after completing the Paris Nice Prologue, from my New Zealander team mate Sam Bewley. He explains just what a Prologue is, all the intricacies that go into them, how he goes about approaching one as a specialist and just what makes a good prologue to kick start your tour. 

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  1. Jamus · March 8, 2016

    ‘life in the peleton’ shifted momentarily to ‘thoughts in the peleton’ and a bewley special ‘what’s that cow doing?’ …..too funny! loving these interviews mitch, keep em coming.


  2. Matt · March 17, 2016

    Another great and insightful podcast, you have such a relaxed manner and allow the subject to talk .. any chance of talking to someone on the Novo nordisk tyeam ?? I’d like to hear how they manage T1 diabetes ..
    Keep up the great work ..look forward to your next pod ..


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