Scott McGrory’s Gold Medal Story

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Scott McGrory’s Gold Medal Story

Sydney 2000
Olympic Games
Madison Men Final
Mc Grory Scott / Aitken Brett

Had the pleasure to speak with my first idol, my old sports director and now friend, Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Mcgrory. I was lucky enough to be there the night Scott and Brett won the Gold Medal in the Madison at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. This was before I really even knew what cycling was, let alone track cycling. From this night on I wanted to be a cyclist, and so the rest is history. But the story behind the gold medal has never been told to me, and I thought it would be interesting to find out what was behind my inspiration that started me in the sport of cycling.

9 thoughts on “Scott McGrory’s Gold Medal Story

  1. Great interview Mitch. Been around cycling for a while & I new part of Scooters story but to hear him tell it I had a tear in my eye. Must be getting soft tin my old age

  2. Great to hear Scott’s story, what a compelling tale of what he and Brett both went through in the lead-up to the Sydney Olympics. I was in the Dunc Gray velodrome the night of the madison win (I’m a news photographer)and exprienced an exciting, thrilling night and one of the highlights of my career so very happy to hear the story behind it. Got this pic of the heart-stopping crash in the final laps

  3. Excellent interview, Mitch, and thank you, Scott, for sharing so much. You and Brett were phenomenal that night. Day 5 Sydney 2000 is still the best night of track cycling I’ve been to at DGV. (I should also thank my mate, Roger, who queued out in the sun for hours that day to score the last remaining unclaimed tickets.)

  4. Great to hear the story told by Scott. He’s a hero of mine as well. It’s worth writing about. I think you’re fantastic Scott (you too Mitch)

  5. What an amazing interview – don’t really know much about the Australian cycling scene – listening form Canada (but stumbled across Mitch’s podcast through the Orica Backstage Pass videos). Scott’s tale would be compelling listening for anyone trying to achieve any sort of goal. Kudos to Scott and his wife, his Olympic teammate and Mitch for sharing the story.


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