Talking Classics with Luke Rowe

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Talking Classics with Luke Rowe

Luke Rowe on his way to a BIG top 10 in the 2015 Paris – Roubaix

Speaking with the Welshman Luke Rowe. He has been riding on team Sky for the last 4 years and has developed himself into Belgium cobble stone spring Classics Specialist. Luke stepped up last year finishing 8th in Paris Roubaix and we take a moment while here racing the Jayco Herald SunTour to discuss what it is to be a real classic hard man. And explain just what exactly a Belgium one day Classics race is.

5 thoughts on “Talking Classics with Luke Rowe

  1. Very informative and insightful. Hope you’ll make those podcasts regular. Thanks so much Mitch. Cheers!

  2. Mitch. Absolutely loving your podcasts. Been following pro cycling since the 80s and it continually amazes me how much information and insight is available today. Certainly beats the monthly wait for Winning Magazine to show up! Your podcast takes it to the next level. So many interesting insights from Rowe and Durbo and no doubt aided by the fact that you are not a journalist but one of their peers.

    Loved the analysis of Durbo’s season and how he trains for the Tour working back from July. I have always been very interested in how the true GC riders prepare for that race (and for stage races generally). Everyone of them talks to the press about the “sacrifices” and “hard work” that has “paid off” but outside of training your socks off what else do they do? You hear so many little snippets (weigh their food, sleep in oxygen tents, go to Tenerife, etc) but haven’t ever heard the full story from anyone piecing it all together. Weight is obviously a much bigger thing than it was in the past (compare and contrast LeMond and Froome on that front), any chance you could give that a good going over with a GC rider later in the year? For example, what proportion of pro riders shun alcohol during the season? Are GC riders in a permanent state of hunger in the months leading up to the Tour in order to trim down?

    Any chance go getting Peter Sagan on the podcast?

    Keep up the good work and good luck at Roubaix!


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