Podcast #1 – Luke Durbridge and Season 2016

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Podcast #1 – Luke Durbridge and Season 2016

For the inaugural Podcast, I decided to speak with my team mate and close friend Luke Durbridge. Luke turned professional with the Australian outfit Orica GreenEdge when the team started back in 2012. Now entering his 5th year as a pro, I thought he would be interesting to speak to about how he now approaches his season, what type of rider he is and the make up of riders in a ProTour team…

23 thoughts on “Podcast #1 – Luke Durbridge and Season 2016

  1. Great podcast Mitch! You should contact Wade from cyclingtips to see if they can promote the podcast in any way.

  2. Huge GreenEdge fan here. Absolutely love the team and the podcast was fantastic!

    Moving to Europe from India in 2014 really got me into the sport and the Backstage passes and now your podcast are so rich with insight and really appreciate you and the team always giving something back to the fans. There is no doubt Orica is one of the most popular teams around given the spirit you have in the team.

    Now I am eagerly awaiting your next episode. Would love to hear more about the tactics and stuff you do to win sprints or other stages. Orica are pretty good at getting Caleb or Simon in good positions so I’d like to hear how the lead out men go about ensuring that.

    Again a big thank you! Hoping to come and see you guys race in Belgium or somewhere in Europe this year!

  3. I really liked the podcast. It was awesome bringing a new perspective to cycling for me. Give us some more! Great Job, Durbo.

  4. Greetings from Denmark! Just want to let know that I really enjoyed listening to this. It’s interesting to hear about the the world of cycling from your perspectives as pro riders. There aren’t many good cycling podcasts around, certainly not ones made by the pros themselves. I don’t really have any suggestions for improvements, audio quality is great and the free flowing conversational format works well. Durbo was an awesome guest to kick off the podcast, and you could definitely do a couple more hours together, but I’m also excited to see who else you’ll talk to. Hopefully this just the first episode of many to come!

  5. Mitch,

    Really like the format of the podcast. Good to hear about the roles inside the team and motivations from the pros themselves.

  6. This podcast gave me a sense of Luke Durbridge as a professional bike racer, and what goes into the different roles on a team. We are big fans of Orica Greenedge, love the humor, music, camaraderie, and the racing! Congratulations Mitch and Luke. We look forward to more interviews.

  7. Great podcast Mitch, really enjoyed listening to it. Would be really interesting if you could get someone like Gerro or Caleb on and see how their different roles in the team affect how they train ect.

  8. Mitch – Great first podcast! It provided a different, but complementary view on the team and racing. My only comment is that you and Durbo sounded far away from the mic. Looking forward to many more!

  9. Gday Mitch, I just listened to this after the ‘plug’ on backstage pass. Very interesting and I really enjoyed the informal nature of interview but also the questions and overall approach, you combine insider knowledge with simplified conversation really well but you don’t go overboard so it’s not too dumbed down. I think your explanation of cycling terms etc is clever as it would be very useful for any new listeners getting into the sport (maybe ‘grupetto’ translation can be some homework for you!). Food for thought, if you know who your next interviewee/theme will be you could maybe inform on the site and allow some fan questions in advance (possibly a pandora’s box though!). Well done mate, really enjoyable, good luck with the rest and the season.

  10. Mitch and Luke, You ride brilliantly and talk well about it too. Fascinating insight into your lives and motivation. Love seeing Greenedge on the front and winning. More wins and more podcasts through the season please.

  11. G’Day Mitch, loved hearing from you and Luke on insights of being an elite athlete, suffering, “taking out the garbage” etc but more so on aspects of teamwork, team success is individual success, playing your role in different ways at different times. So many things that resonate with any business. Great stuff.

    Rob Aughey
    Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living
    Victoria University

  12. Summed up the reasons why I love pro cycling. Watching the team work is fascinating. Also admire the sheer courage. Always wince when I see riders carrying on in a race with terrible ‘road rash’ etc.

  13. Enjoying the podcasts Mitch, great insights mixed with good humour. A suggestion would be to upload them to soundcloud or iTunes etc. more people can find them. I hope you have a great 2017

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